Find Strength in Weakness

A welcome note to a new community where we can face our vulnerability together

Welcome to Vulnerable U, a newsletter that embraces the power of vulnerability in cybersecurity. We often feel pressured to project an image of invincibility and infallibility regarding our online brands or personas. We're taught to hide our vulnerabilities and weaknesses, to avoid admitting when we don't know something or have made a mistake.

But what if vulnerability could be our strength? What if, by embracing our vulnerabilities and openly acknowledging the gaps in our knowledge, we could build more substantial and more resilient defenses? This is where Vulnerable U comes in.

I believe that vulnerability is not a weakness but a crucial part of learning and growing in the cybersecurity world. By embracing vulnerability, we can create a community of learners who support and encourage one another, share knowledge and resources, and ultimately build more effective and sustainable cybersecurity practices.

I also recognize that vulnerability can be scary and uncomfortable, and that's okay. We'll explore the concept of shame and how it can hold us back from being vulnerable in our cybersecurity practices and offer strategies to overcome it.

So, if you're ready to step out of your comfort zone, be open to new ideas and perspectives, and embrace vulnerability as a path to a stronger and more resilient self, I’m glad to have you join me at Vulnerable U.